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Description of Project. Dr. Gilligan and her research team at Iowa State University, The Families in Later Life Research Lab, are starting a new project funded by the National Institute on Aging. This study will use a unique, mixed-methods approach comprised of survey, biological, and observational data collected from two siblings within families to examine associations between adult sibling relations and health and well-being outcomes in the context of caring for an older parent with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia (ADRD). The findings from this study will fill a knowledge gap regarding the health vulnerability of adult children during a stressful life event. Insights from this study can help to shape future efforts aimed at improving sibling interaction strategies and the overall health and well-being of adult children caring for older parents with ADRD. The more we know about family caregiving within the context of complex family relationships, the better prepared families can be before entering into the caregiving relationship.

Participant Criteria. Participants are eligible to participate if they fit the below criteria.

-Adult children from a family with only one living biological parent.

-Adult children who have a parent with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia (ADRD).

-Adult children are currently providing care for that parent.

-Adult children have at least one living sibling who would be willing to participate in the study and to whom they are biologically related through the living parent.

-At least one participating adult child resides in Iowa.

If you care for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia, please consider participating in this study.

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