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As the state’s LGBTQ advocacy organization, One Iowa understands that many LGBTQ older adults want to build connections with others in the LGBTQ community. 

One Iowa is launching a new Friendly Caller Pilot Program this fall to increase social connectedness and support for LGBTQ older adults (known as Participants). The program matches Participants with volunteer callers who check-in by phone and engage in conversation at least once a week. 

The volunteer caller is not a counselor but a friend who can provide interest, caring, encouragement and support.

We are looking for LGBTQ older Iowans who would like to receive phone calls during the pilot program, which begins this fall, the date to be announced.

If you are an LGBTQ older Iowan who would like to be more connected with another member of the LGBTQ community, please fill out this form or contact Maddie at