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New data from USAging shows that existing shortages in the caregiving workforce have grown during the COVID-19 pandemic—posing a significant threat to the ability of older adults to age well in their homes.

Caregiver Needed: How the Nation’s Workforce Shortages Make It Harder to Age Well at Home, a new report from USAging, reveals that many AAAs and their direct care provider partners across the country are facing workforce shortages which threatens their ability to provide home and community-based services to older adults who depend on them.

The report, based on a survey of AAAs, revealed that 41 percent of AAA survey respondents indicated staff vacancies ranging from five to 15 percent and one-third of AAA respondents reported that they had lost at least half of their volunteer workforce since 2019.

As a result of direct care workforce shortages:

  • 99 percent of responding AAAs reported that older adults in their service areas are experiencing increased social isolation and loneliness;
  • 94 percent of AAAs reported that older adults were not receiving services as often as they were needed; and
  • 92 percent reported that some older adults were not able to receive one or more of the services they need at all.

Read the new report to learn more about the workforce challenges faced by AAAs and how they affect the older adults that they serve.