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Spotlight Scam:  Misdirected Calls or Texts … “I am sorry, wrong number.” This is how it begins.  The scammer intentionally sends you a message but apologizes that they have reached you in error.   You respond, “sorry wrong number.”  The text may be an urgent matter such as a doctor’s appointment, a missed meeting, or a missed opportunity.  You, like most people, are kind and trusting.  The scammer starts up a friendly texting conversation with you.  However, before you know it you are sharing information and details that seem meaningless but can be revealing and harmful down the road.  Scammers often sell your contact information to other scammers.  Remember scammers are career criminals and are professionals at their jobs.  Their tools include manipulation, exploitation, fear, love, and excitement.  They are not your friends and do not want the best for you, only your money.

Steps to protect yourself, your money, and your information.

Don’t respond to texts from numbers you don’t recognize.

Don’t click on links in them or respond with “STOP” if the messages say you can do this to avoid future messages.

Block the phone numbers they come from.​

If you feel you are the victim of a scam, please call Aging Resources at 515-255-1310 and ask to speak to an Elder Rights Specialist.