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SCAM Spotlight – Tax Scams!

Tis the season or more accurately, TAX SEASON! Citizens beware and guard your tax information. SCAMMERS, better known as thieves, are quick to file and grab your tax refunds.

Fraudulent Tax Preparers.

Scammers use tactics to swindle you such as robocalls, phishing emails and texts to gain access to your personal information, refunds, and money. Their messages are automated requesting to please contact them at once to resolve a supposed “tax problem.”  Emails may present IRS logos to bolster their credibility, as well as including an eye-catching subject line like “Tax Refund Payment.” These tactics are purely to gain your trust and your personal information in their con to take your money.

Beware: The IRS will never call, email, or text you!

In addition to the tax refund or tax scare scheme, there is the Tax Preparer Scam. Scammers have been posing as tax preparers to gain access to your personal and financial information. These criminals will try to falsify your tax information to get a higher tax refund or file in your name before you do. They will steal the refund and let you pay the penalty fees.

Remember: These criminals want you to pay for fraudulent services, take your personal information, hack into your accounts, and ultimately claim your tax refund for themselves.

If you feel you have been a victim of fraud, please contact Aging Resources at 515-255-1310 to speak to an Elder Rights Specialist.

To report a Tax Scam, contact:

  • Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 800-366-4484
  • Iowa Department of Revenue at 800-367-3388