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A recent surge of scam calls has been evident in the past few years, affecting millions of people worldwide. There has been an increase especially in scam callers claiming to be the Social Security Administration.

These scammers often use intimidating statements, threatening legal action if not resolved immediately. These scammers will often demand payment via gift cards, wire transfers, crypto currency and cash to remedy the situation. Although these scare tactics often lead to quick decision making by the victim, it is important to remember that these tactics will never be used by a government agency!

The Social Security Administration recently made a statement regarding these calls and how to determine whether they are legitimate or not. Per the statement, SSA employees will never request urgent payment or use threatening statements that intimidate you. Employees will never demand payment via gift card, wire transfer, pre-paid debit cards or cash. The statement also gives advice on how to protect yourself and your family by doing the following:

  • Not returning unknown calls.
  • Reporting fishy calls to the Office of the Inspector General.
  • Ask someone you trust for their guidance before making or sending any large purchases.

What to Know:

  1. Be wary of gift card payments! Scammers will often use these as a form of payment because they are hard to trace and are often not able to be refunded once purchased.
  2. Government entities are not likely to text or email you asking for your SSN, bank account, or credit card information.
  3. No accredited entity will ever tell you to pay by gift card, cryptocurrency, or wire transfer.

Please contact Aging Resources of Central Iowa for more  information on scams affecting older adults in Iowa.

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