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It can be hard to comprehend why anyone would want to deliberately hurt or abuse older adults, yet elder abuse is on the rise, even here in Iowa. Some cases of elder abuse are intended to exploit the older adult financially, such as older-adult targeted scams. However, unlike a stranger soliciting money under false pretenses, most elder abuse cases are perpetrated by family members.

Along with financially exploiting an older adult, other common forms of abuse perpetrated by family members include emotional and verbal abuse. Verbally degrading, intimidating, and berating an older adult to gain control or compliance is a form of elder abuse that is often overlooked. In other abuse circumstances, it is simple negligence: Caregivers not providing necessities, such as adequate food, appropriate hygiene, and administration of medications.

We at Aging Resources of Central Iowa encourage you to speak up if you or someone you know is in this dangerous situation.

Learn more about the signs of elder abuse and what you can do to help by reaching out to your local Area Agency on Aging at 1-866-468-7887.