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Jeanne A Silvers


My interest in family caregiving and in social services was influenced by my large supportive family and courageous single parent mother. If not for their wisdom, empathy, and positive life examples I would not be the person I am today. So fast forward 43 years since I graduated from Central Michigan University with wonderful employment opportunities to serve others in different settings such as protective services, nursing facilities, brain injury rehabilitation, adult day centers and then my final 13 years at Aging Resources of Central Iowa as a Family Caregiver Specialist.

I learned at a young age economic struggles and we made it through.  So, my mission has been to be an encourager, social activist, and a supporter of families, especially those challenged to keep their family members at home. My own brother returned home following a traumatic brain injury which was another learning experience for our family and the battles he faced to find work, financial assistance, and affordable housing.  When I help counsel families I can empathize with their struggles and guide them through the maze of different systems that are so foreign to the general public.

I’d like to take this final opportunity to honor all caregivers for the tremendous work they do for their families and for society and the awesome staff at Aging Resources who are equally dedicated to the mission of serving our community.