Aging Resources would like to raise awareness to the latest scam, THE COVID VACCINE SCAM!

Covid-19 fatigue is real and our most vulnerable adults who have been isolated and socially distancing may fall victim to this latest scam.  THIS IS NOT REAL!

 Wrong information:

The scammer calls offering to sell a ticket of some kind to you or an older adult guaranteeing a place on a waiting list for the COVID-19 vaccine.

CORRECT Information:

The correct information is that this vaccine is FREE!  The vaccine is not available to the public yet and there is NO waiting list.  The only charge associated with the vaccine would be if an individual makes an appointment with their doctor. Clinics can charge for an office visit, BUT NOT THE VACCINE! Please share this information with your family, friends and neighbors as we all need to be vigilant in the fight against scammers and the spread of wrong information!

Please contact Aging Resources at 515-633-9508 or 515-633-9523 with questions, concerns, or to talk through any questionable calls or correspondence you may have received.

You may also contact your local County Public Health Office.