COVID-19 Contributing to Elder Abuse

By March 26, 2020No Comments

Covid-19 increases isolation risk factor for elder abuse and potential for abuse to worsen!We need to protect our Older Adults from Covid-19 AND Elder Abuse.

Social Distancing for most of us is not going to be harmful or have lasting effects, BUT this creates opportunity for abusers to isolate or ramp up existing abuse.  Isolation is one of the major factors that lead to Elder Abuse and self-neglect.

As we navigate our way through the Covid-19 pandemic let us not lose connections with our Older Adults by reaching out frequently via email, text, skype or phone.  Volunteer to provide routine reassurance calls or grocery delivery.   Older Adults are reluctant to report abuse due to multiple issues such as fear, dependency, loss of family or feelings of not being believed.

Let us do our part in slowing the spread of Covid-19 BUT also stop elder abuse by checking in on our older community members, FREQUENTLY!

If you are concerned or would like to report suspected Elder Abuse, please 1-866-468-7887 and ask to speak to an Elder Rights Specialist.