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Throughout the pandemic the aging and disability networks have been at the forefront of efforts to protect the health of older adults and people with disabilities. While continuing to provide the services that make it possible for many to live safely in the community, our networks also have played a critical role in helping people get vaccinated. They are now a driving force in the effort to get people booster shots.

The aging and disability networks are using creative approaches nationwide to provide information, facilitate vaccination appointments and in-home options for people who need them, ensure accessibility of websites and vaccination sites, provide supports to help people overcome vaccination barriers, and reach people who are hard to reach. These strategies are helping states and communities ensure that older adults and people with disabilities get boosted quickly.

Earlier this month,  ACL Principal Deputy Administration Alison Barkoff wrote a letter to grantees about the role the disability and aging networks have played in helping people get vaccinated, and the importance of continuing this work to help people get their booster shots. Below is a round-up of additional resources to promote vaccinations and booster shots among people with disabilities and older adults.
How the aging and disability networks are making a difference: We’re compiling examples of promising models and case studies to help our networks, states, communities, and others to find and share ideas, strategies, and solutions. We will continue updating the page, so check back often — and please send us information about your booster efforts, new resources, or anything else that could help colleagues across the network.

Older adults share why they’re getting boosted: On December 17, Principal Deputy Administrator Barkoff and CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure joined a combined holiday party and booster clinic at the the East of the River Friendship Cafe (Kenilworth) in Washington, D.C. to talk with older adults about COVID-19 vaccine boosters. Many of the people they spoke with had previously received their boosters, and more than 25 others were scheduled to get theirs that day. A few of them agreed to help us spread the word about the importance and urgency of boosters. In this video, you can hear from them directly about why they got boosted — and why everyone should.

Watch a video with highlights from the visit as well as a 30 second clip of older adults sharing why they got booster shots that you can share on social media (also available in a square format).

Many, many thanks to the D.C. Department of Aging and Community Living and the EOTR Friendship Cafe for putting together the event.

A flyer to help get the word out: ACL has created a flyer that can be shared with people with disabilities and older adults.  We’ve created three versions:

  • Customizable: Includes space for your logo and information about vaccine events you may be hosting.
  • Ready-to-use for printing (includes spelled-out URLs for all links). use this one if you’re going to post or distribute in hard copy.
  • Ready-to-use for digital use: Links are clickable (and some included only hyperlinks)

A conversation with the Surgeon General: On December 14, Principal Deputy Administrator Barkoff interviewed Surgeon General Vivek Murthy about the importance and urgency of getting COVID-19 vaccine boosters, particularly for older adults and people with disabilities. Watch a video of the webinar.

Even more resources: HHS’ We Can Do This campaign has many more resources to help you promote booster shots including videos, posters, social media graphics, sample newsletter content, and more.

We’re so appreciative of everything our networks are doing to help the people we all serve get their vaccinations and boosters! Together, we can help people with disabilities and older adults reduce their chances of serious consequences from COVID-19 by promoting boosters for all and removing every barrier that exits.