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On August 4, 2021, Sammons Financial Group presented Aging Resources with a $15,000 check! One of their employees had accessed our Family Caregiver Support Program and was so grateful for the information and support she received, that she nominated us, lobbied with her co-workers, and eventually Aging Resources was chosen to receive this generous gift!  We wanted to make a real difference with this substantial donation from Sammons Financial Group by applying these funds to one of our special programs.

Aging Resources has three special programs funded by contributions.  One is the Holiday Meals-on- Wheels Program, which funds home-delivered meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Strickler Emergency Assistance Program, which provides direct assistance to clients with emergency needs, and our newest program, Duane’s Dollars, which provides funds for emergency respite for caregivers.

It seemed fitting that Duane’s Dollars would receive this impactful gift since a caregiving Sammons Financial Group employee made it happen!

In 2019 Duane’s Dollars was established to honor a father, who battled Parkinson’s and a mother, who was his primary caregiver. Lynae, their daughter, launched a respite fund at Aging Resources to assist family caregivers. For the last two years, families who needed emergency respite, have been granted extra assistance to enable a family member to receive care when their caregiver could not provide it.  Lynae wrote, “I’m hoping with the creation of this fund, it will be a way to give back to the community and somehow touch other families who may be going through a similar journey.”

Lynae also provided us with this sentiment: “To all the Caregivers out there, you are a gift to those around you, never forget this.”  This amazing contribution will allow us to recognize and serve even more caregivers – thanks to Sammons and Duane’s daughter!