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Advocating for older adults is a large part of what we do at Aging Resources. Our intent is to ensure that every person over age 60 gets fair and equal treatment regarding services that enable them to lead independent lives in their respective communities. We speak on behalf of those who cannot effectively advocate for themselves.

Older Iowans Legislature (OIL)

Older Iowans Legislature is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to advocate for seniors within the state of Iowa.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Older Iowans Legislature is to “Pursue Quality of Life for Older Iowans.” We will voice their needs to the general public, all governmental bodies and service providers. We will provide opportunities for older Iowans to learn and participate in governmental processes to help solve problems facing seniors. In formulating our policies we will seek the wisdom, knowledge and concerns of all, but speak as an independent voice for older Iowans.

OIL delegates are over the age of 60 and represent every region of the state. Delegates have the opportunity to participate directly in the legislative process and to debate issues that potentially impact over 500,000 older Iowans.

The Older Iowan’s Legislature was established in 1977 and the first session was conducted in 1978. Delegates consult with constituents regarding issues impacting elders, assist in drafting bills that reflect resolutions of identified issues, participate in the formal legislative session and any related training. Delegates report to constituents and meet with local legislators regarding the actions taken and priorities from the Older Iowans Legislature, advocate for legislation benefiting older Iowans and their communities, and increase public awareness of elder issues.

Through a series of town meetings, advocacy education will awaken creativity and a sense of civic pride in all who attend.

To learn more about the Older Iowans Legislature, visit their website at or e mail:

To become a member of OIL, mail a $25.00 annual membership fee payable to Older Iowans Legislature to 5835 Grand Avenue, Suite #106, Des Moines, IA 50312-1444.

Older Iowans Legislature Priority Bills