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Please click here to view the dates for the upcoming Board of Directors Meetings.

Please click here to view the agenda for upcoming Board of Directors Meetings.

Please click here to view minutes from the previous Board of Directors Meeting.

Please contact Aging Resources at (515) 255-1310 if you would like a copy of previous Board of Directors Meetings Minutes.

Below are the names of the Board of Directors:

  • Denny Carpenter (Jasper County)
  • Kim Chapman (Dallas County)
  • Phil Clifton (Madison County)
  • Don Corrigan (Polk County)
  • Lisa Heddens (Story County)
  • Ron Jome (Boone County)
  • C. Jean Laverty (Warren County)
  • Robert Mahaffey (City of Des Moines)
  • Crystal McIntyre (Warren County)
  • Pam Myers (Boone County)
  • Nancy Nichols (Dallas County)
  • Mark Raymie (Marion County)
  • Kylon Schmitt (Madison County)
  • Ron Smith (Story County)
  • Steve Van Oort (Polk County)
  • Linda Westergaard (City of Des Moines)